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A RPZ (Reduced Pressure Zone) valve ( Type BA back flow preventer) is used in most commercial and industrial applications requiring protection up to fluid category 4 to avoid back syphonage and pollution of drinking water distribution system.


In line with WRAS water regulations, it is required by law that RPZ valves are to be tested annually by the local water authority.


Paul Daley Plumbing Services is a WRAS accredited tester which carries out all testing, maintenance and Commissioning conforming to all legal requirements.


To meet water regulations, RPZ valves are subject to an annual test by the local water authority which can only be carried out by an accredited tester.


As a WRAS approved RPZ tester we can plan and carry out all your RPZ testing and commissioning. We also liaise with your local water authority on your behalf.


Our services include supply, testing, commissioning and installing RPZ valves. Simply use the form below and give us your requirements, we will contact you and discuss the options available.

WRAS and RPZ Valves Explained.

Our WRAS services include the following:

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